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Moon Invasion By Rocket Penguins Possible!

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Defense contractor Raytheon has developed a robot, dubbed the Lunar Penguin, that could one day bounce across perilous craters and imposing mountains on the Moon's craggy surface using a set of compact rocket boosters. Sounds like a cool idea, although the concept looks nothing at all like a Penguin. I guess they had to call it something, right? And who is going to want to work on a project called the Lunar Aardvark? Or the Lunar Road Apple? The Lunar Penguin is supposed to be able to leap up to a kilometer on a single bound, scouting out the landscape looking for minerals, water, and other natural resources for humans to recover.
New Scientist has the story here, and it's just one of many programs aimed at getting people back on the moon after almost 40 years.

China is on-board with an unmanned moon mission planned in the next couple of years, and India has announced it wants in on the unmanned probe party as well. TransOrbital, a US company, even plans a launch of "...business cards, personal notes, fine jewels, and cremated human remains to the surface of the moon later this year..." to crash into the lunar surface.Frontline has a good article on the Indian mission.

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