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Sonic Laser May Be Used In Katrina Efforts

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It looks like a flat panel or sometimes a stop sign. It can transmit sounds like a laser up to miles away. It's called the Magnetic Acoustic Device, and from the resarch labs at the Department of Defense it may end up transmitting critical information to citizens in Katrina-damaged areas.
California-based HPV Technologies has demonstrated three sizes of its Magnetic Acoustic Device, or MAD, a black square panel composed of multiple speakers. Current models range from about 4 to 10 feet across. It uses magnets approximately 6 inches tall and 9.25 inches wide to convert electrical pulses into sound waves. Current capability includes aiming sound precisely for thousands of feet -- like the sonic equivalent of a laser, or spotlight.

The L.A. Sheriff's Department tested out an acoustic transmitter that makes earlier models look like "childrens' toys" in comparison, LASD Commander Sid Heal said to Defense Tech.
"The edge of the energy path was clearly discernible and you could easily detect when you were standing in it and not, even at one mile. In fact, near the end of the test a wind gusting up to 20 knots blew across our line of sight and we had to adjust for the wind to remain in the energy path.", Heal said.
Representatives of the companies involved say that within days, they will ship some units of their respective products to areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, so authorities can use the tools for crowd control, aid distribution and rescue operations.
Kevin, commenting at Ace of Spades HQ said, "I saw LRADs in the Gulf. Basically, we hooked them to an iPod or similar mp3 player and sent out warnings in Arabic. Pretty slick. About the size of a stop sign, but only 6 inches. Definitely don't want to try hand-holding it though. One little sneeze and your buddy could be deaf."
Take a 600-Foot LCD screen, a couple of these, and a audio system, and now we're talking the ultimate desert theatre system!

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