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Shuttering in the Surf

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Sunrise at the beach
The beach was lots of busy fun for the kids, but there were some quiet moments too

We've been at Myrtle Beach for the last week or so, having a blast.

Myrtle Beach has been called the "Redneck Riviera" because of it's blue-collar, kitschy nature. Myrtle grew up mostly unregulated in the south, and the town is a collection of tourist traps and oddball attractions. It's not a "quiet vacation" like you would think about when you think of the beach, but it is a busy, fun-filled trip for families. The kids had something to do every day that they liked.

The old man (me), likes to be creative, so I spent my time reading, writing on the blog, taking pictures, and prototyping some web applications. Nothing like that old geek fun of prototyping web applications to make a vacation worthwhile! It gets me excited just thinking about it. I might even get crazy and do some flash animation before it is all over.

For those of you looking forward to your beach vacation this year, here are some of the photographic highlights of this year's trip for us. I hope it gets you in the mood!

Daniel with his notebook computer set up for remote work
I haven't been on the road in over a year
Gotta try out my new mobile office setup, doncha know.
Wonder where I put that helmet-mounted satellite dish and trans-rectal fax machine? (2 tools in one!)

Katrina waiting on the suf
You're not a kid at the beach unless you body surf.
Here's Katrina waiting on the waves. I like the contrast in this shot

Another sunrise at Myrtle Beach
It's hard to believe there is this much color in a sunrise, but it makes the entire sky just an awesome pink

Jack Markham, kid-surfer extraordinaire
Nice portrait shot of my son Jack. I think it's as good as a studio shot

Katrina Markham, putt-putt legend
You're not at Myrtle Beach if you don't play miniature golf. There must be 100 courses here.

Daniel on the go-carts
Finally, the thing Jack and I like the most to do -- rock-em, sock-em go-carts!

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