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Agile Project Management: Project Dashboards

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Over the last few years I've been collecting some really cool dashboards, gadgets, and gizmos that teams have self-developed as they apply agile. One of the neat things i get to do is to share them here.

Example of an Agile Dashboard in Excel
People say agile projects don't have financials
In fact they have much better financials than traditional projects
[Picture is in higher resolution than shown. Download to see in greater detail]

Here we have a little bit of everything a controller would want to know: How much is this thing costing me? When do you think you're going to be done? How much do you think it will cost? Is the team getting more performance each cycle, or are they getting worse? Are they going to need to ask for more money? If so, how much? When are they going to need it?

And it's very simple -- one piece of paper.

Note that this financial dashboard is updated from live team data -- no extra team input is required. It's also updated every week or two, so it's constantly getting more and more accurate.

Can you say that about the system you're using currently?

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I'm not sure if you meant to, but the Total is revealed along the left hand side of the image.

Great post BTW, that's a really useful screen.

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